Periarthritis of the Shoulder

Periarthritis of the shoulder is a chronic, retrograde and inflammatory disease of the shoulder joint, capsule and the soft tissues surrounding it. This pathology is mostly due to exposure to cold, trauma, or chronic strain of the shoulder. The main clinical manifestations are soreness and dysfunction of the shoulder. The disease is usually found in patients above the age of 50.


ST 38 Tiaokou


A 5 ml syringe is used.

The injectable material is made up of 1 ml of Vitamin B12, 2 ml of 0.5% lidocaine, and 1 ml of Vitamin B1.

The needle is inserted at the point Stomach 38 Tiaokou bilaterally. Inject 2 ml of the mixture at a depth of 2 cm (even if the shoulder pain is unilateral) at the point on each side. Repeat the procedure once or twice per week. At the same time apply cupping at Ashi points on the shoulder.


53 cases were treated for 1-3 weeks, and all gave good result.


Huang xx, female, 54 years old, presented with chronic right shoulder pain of 10 years. Diagnosis was periarthritis of the shoulder. She received many drugs with no effect, and was treated with point injection 6 times which much improved her complaint.


The point Stomach 38 Tiaokou belongs to the Stomach Meridian of Foot Yang Ming. Yang Ming meridians are the richest in Qi and Blood flow among the 12 regular meridians. Stomach 38 Tiaokou stimulation can make Blood and Qi flow efficiently in the Stomach meridian up to the shoulder. Active shoulder movement relieves stagnation of Blood and encourages flow of Qi thus relieving pain and increasing range of motion. The needle may be inserted at Tiaokou (St 38) or at a point around Stomach 38 Tiaokou, but not more than 1 cun (approximately one inch) from this point. The site of the point used therapeutically is actually the point to found to be the most tender, within one inch of Stomach 38 Tiaokou. Both sides should be checked for the most tender point. Between acupuncture sessions, the patient should exercise the shoulder actively at home for 30 minutes, 2-3 times daily.

Source: Diseases Treated by Single Point of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Written by Chen Decheng. English Text Revised by Linda Gale Sampson, Cynthia J. Chan. Published by Foreign Languages Press, Beijing.






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