Sciatica is a symptom which occurs whenever the sciatic nerve is affected by different etiological factors.

The common symptom of sciatica is a diffused, burning or stabbing pain which follows the course of the sciatic nerve, i.e. from the gluteal region along the posterior aspect of the thigh, the posterolateral aspect of the leg down to the lateral aspect of the foot. Intense intermittent pain is aggravated at night and while walking. The leg stretching and raising test is positive. (The patient lies supine and is asked to extend his leg at the knee and slowly raise it to form a .30 - 40 degree angle with the surface of the bed. If pain occurs in the lumbar or leg region, the sign is positive.)


Tender points (ashi points).


lO cc. of 10% glucose or 5 cc. of 25% magnesium sulfate + I - 2 cc. of 2% procaine, once every other day for ten injections.


  1. Moxibustion may be combined in primary sciatica. Indicated specifically in cases where cold weather aggravates the condition.

  2. During treatment, efforts should be done to establish the causative factors.

  3. Prolapse of intervertebral disk: Acupuncture treatment should be combined with bed rest and immobilisation in treating acute case and protection of lumbar region in treating chronic cases.

Source: The Treament of 100 Common Diseases by New Acupuncture, Medicine and Health Publishing Company






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