Point Injection Legalities

Point injection therapy is currently part of the scope of practice for licensed acupuncturists in the following states:

Arkansas (recently removed point injection from rules)

The Arkansas State Board of Acupuncture and Related Techniques rules and regulations states:

[...] Accordingly, injection and IV therapies will no longer be in the scope of practice of Arkansas DOMs. The prescription and administration of legend drugs will also be prohibited. You will need to stop using these techniques and substances. Having stated this, the course offered by Dr. Dan Martin and the Southern College of Oriental Medicine on injection and IV therapies will not be accepted as approved credit hours during the relicensing process.

So injection therapy has been removed from the acupuncture scope of practice in Arkansas. [Source] even though another page described as their "rules" still states that injection therapy is allowed in Arkansas. As such, a number of acupuncturists are involved with legal challenges to this change in their scope of practice. Here's the state of that process as of November 3, 2011.


The state of Colorado appears to have the best stated policy in regards to point injection therapy:

Permissible substances for injection include all vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and herbals specifically manufactured for non-intravenous injection such as saline, glucose, Lidocaine, Procaine, oriental herbs, Vitamin B-12, Traumeel, Sarapin, and similar homeopathic-type substances. The Director notes that there is always the risk of allergic reaction when using injection substances. As such, the Director finds that the use of Epinephrine and oxygen are necessary for patient care and safety anytime Colorado acupuncturists administer injections. [Source (pdf)]


There is no black and white list of approved substances for acupoint injection therapy in Florida. The August 2007 Edition of Florida Statute 457, and Rule Chapter 64B1 states:

Effective March 1, 2002, adjunctive therapies shall include acupoint injection therapy which shall mean the injection of herbs, homeopathics, and other nutritional supplements in the form of sterile substances into acupuncture points by means of hypodermic needles but not intravenous therapy to promote, maintain, and restore health; for pain management and palliative care; for acupuncture anesthesia; and to prevent disease. [Source]

New Mexico

Following additional continuing education, NM DOMs can employ point injection therapies as described below:

SCOPE OF PRACTICE: D. the surgical procedures of acupuncture and other related procedures, as well as injection therapy; injection therapy may only be performed by a doctor of oriental medicine who is certified for the extended (Rx1) or expanded (Rx2) prescriptive authority...; [Source]

Download the New Mexico addendum to the NM practice act that talks about point injection [Download].

Download the New Mexico approved list of injectables. (pdf)

South Carolina

We have a downloadable PDF version of the South Carolina Acupuncture Injection Therapy Regulations. [Download]

State of Washington

Note: It is not (as of 4/12/12) defined as to exactly what it is and what can be injected.

from: Revised Code of Washington

"East Asian medicine" means a health care service utilizing East Asian medicine diagnosis and treatment to promote health and treat organic or functional disorders and includes the following: (j) Point injection therapy (aquapuncture)" [Source]

West Virginia

Standards of Practice

"Point Puncture- the use of sterile material medica injected into the acupuncture point for physiologic or energetic therapy when used in accordance with traditional or modern Oriental medical theory." [Source and Definitions]








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